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Float Operated Level Switches
These switches work on the principle of buoyancy . A simple float and magnetic coupling action is used here. The level switch is designed for integral mounting through top of open or closed process vessels with variety of flange size and pressure rating. It minimizes the effect of vibration & pressure.
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VTG Rail UK Ltd
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Product DescriptionFloat Level Switches

When the float rises or falls with liquid level, it moves a magnetic sleeve into or out of the field of a switch actuating magnet, causing switch operation. A non-magnetic barrier tube effectively isolates the switch mechanisms from the controlled liquid.

Two types of level switches are available. Top mounted vertically guided and side mounted.  Float of top mounted switch moves directly with the liquid surface, actuates a hermetically sealed switch within the stem. In side mounted the switch assembly is out of the tank.

The switch is applicable for differential level detection of liquid or to control liquid level in chemicals, food industry, lubricating systems.

We supply Float level switch with a range of hermetically sealed ,dry contact mechanism catering to your requirements.



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